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Keith Moon Drum Lessons

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

So far, this website has only touched briefly on the musical side of Keith Moon. We have focused primarily on his personality and wild antics. I am thinking that these next few posts will concentrate on the real reason Keith Moon is famous. His drumming.

I thought I would start with some background I was able to find on Keith’s formal training. Keith always claimed to have received no formal training and essentially, there was almost none. But for what little training he did get, there is a story…

At 16 years old Keith saw a local band with a very talented 24 year old drummer named Carlo Little who was also from Wembley. Keith was excited and impressed by Carlo. For those who have never heard of Carlo, he was one of the first drummers for the early Rolling Stones as well as a self taught drummer. He was described as one of the “best and loudest drummers” at that time. He also never formally taught drums to anyone before or after Keith. Most importantly, Carlo had never received any formal training of his own. He was an autodidact.

Carlo only agreed to teach Keith because Keith approached him after a show and offered him 10 shillings per 30 minute lesson, and Carlo was broke at the time. They met about 5 or 6 times and that was the last time Keith Moon had any lessons on the drums.

What did Keith learn during these 30 minute drum lessons? Carlo taught in layman’s terms things like a paradiddle and how it enabled a drummer to lift alternate arms at the top of each beat while keeping a continuous roll.

Among the lasting advice Keith received from Carlo was to hit the drums with everything he had and as fast as he could within the beat. He also advised Keith to sometimes go off the beat, and then come back on to fit the song. In music, this is called syncopation.

He also learned that if he got his bass drum together, it would serve as a foundation for his drumming.

“He was keen and eager,” remembers Carlo. “I remember he came back one week and he’d got off what I’d shown him. So he was obviously listening to what I was telling him.”

When we talked it wasn’t for more than a few minutes, and it was always about the drums.”

Carlo has admitted that he was never that impressed with Keith. “I thought nothing more of it, just a young lad called Keith.”

Well, Carlo, it seems that Keith took your brief lessons pretty well and ultimately got his drumming act together. I mean, considering he’s one of the greatest drummers of all time, and is in the rock and roll hall of fame and all…

Keith Moon Records With The Beatles

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Keith Moon and Brian Epstein at The Beatles Recording of All You Need Is Love

In 1967, The Beatles were asked to represent the UK for a global satellite broadcast called Our World.

The event required The Beatles to create a song with a “simple message” that would be easily understood by all languages and translations.

They would record it live in the studio for the satellite broadcast on June 25.

The group decided to write a little song called “All You Need Is Love”.  They chose it because they felt it had the simple message that the Our World event wanted to convey. John Lennon finalized the song in the days leading up to the broadcast.

The group sent out word that they wanted a live audience in the London area to help with background vocals and hand claps during the recording.

Not surprisingly, when the broadcast date finally arrived they wound up with a few high profile musicians showing up, including:

All You Need Is Love. Keith Moon, The Beatles.

Keith can be seen 4th from left, behind Kim.

  • Mick Jagger
  • Keith Richards
  • Eric Clapton
  • Graham Nash
  • and of course, Keith Moon…

Keith and his wife Kim spent the day singing backup and clapping to the beat. I posted a video of the event but I could not locate Keith in it. 

**** 11/9/11 Update: An eagle eyed reader named Per has pointed out that Keith can be seen playing percussion at 3:33 on the video. Check the bottom right corner for about 2 seconds or so.  After I received this info, I was able to figure out that Keith actually can be seen throughout the video, every time Ringo is shown (albeit not very clearly). Keith is sitting right next to Ringo and is actually playing drums alongside him. It seems that Ringo had him playing the brush sticks instead of his usual heavy wood drumsticks. I don’t blame Ringo for putting Keith on the brushes. Keith might have otherwise taken over the entire recording. The rest of the Beatles might have then voted to replace Ringo with Keith Moon, kind of like they did to Pete Best a few years earlier.

I am posting a couple of pictures here of Keith and Kim at the event including a shot with Brian Epstein (The Beatles manager). The fact that Keith was part of the recording for one of the great Beatles songs of all time is just another cool Keith Moon nugget I needed to share.

Video of the event below:

Jeremy Piven As Keith Moon?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Keith Moon Jeremy Piven

Just a quick bit of news today…

The star of HBO’s ‘Entourage,’ Jeremy Piven announced to Fox News that he is interested in portraying Keith Moon some time in the future. Interesting news. Perhaps this is a calculated statement to throw his name into the mix? It seems to me that he has the same problem as Mike Myers. He is 46 years old and Keith died at 33.

This news just missed what would have been Moon’s 65th birthday on Aug 23.  Well, we will just have to see what happens. I will keep you posted.

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Nice job!
You have proven yourself worth of access to a particularly hilarious Keith Moon nugget I have posted for private viewing. All your base are belong to us...
Enjoy, my friends.

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